We erase 
We recreate 

We are Soda, an Armenian-based design studio, a group of graphic designers and artists, whose main aspiration is to fight against the ugly․ We are assured that design should be rational but outrageous, artistic but selling, stay within the scope of business and its restrictions but invest into infinite imagination. We create logos, identity and packaging․ The narrow spectrum of our activities allows us to dig deeper for each project and to find the best solutions. 
As incorrigible esthetes, we consider both the aesthetic side of the product and how it makes the consumer feel, we consider the user experience and cultural interest very substantial and we know how to make all of these factors work together for one purpose – to sell. Being a small-scale creative studio, we do not involve salespeople or marketers, we only deal with the creative aspect of the project. This allows us to save money and be affordable to small and medium-sized businesses who want their products to be noticed while being placed on the same store shelf along with the products of large companies.  
We consider design as a solution to problems by setting business goals and solving them creatively․ We do not accept mediocrity and boundaries․ We create the new and the real. We erase, we recreate.



A logo is a company's face, its axis of identification, and it develops a predilection to an organization on an emotional level. In today's crowded world, having a clear, distinguishable, and memorable logo is critical. A great logo is the foundation of a great design.


When purchasing a product for the first time, many individuals assess the product’s quality based on its packaging. Packaging that is well-made, distinctive, and appealing has the ability to persuade the consumer to make a purchase. Without appropriate packaging, any marketing campaign would be incomplete. Packaging that is well-designed and functional can make a product stand out among a crowd of 100 others.


The development of a company's identity is a complex process that requires both design and a clear rationale. Meanwhile, rash decisions should be avoided, and one should not rely only on pure taste. We are not a marketing company, and we will not develop marketing concepts for you, but before we begin the design process, we will ask the necessary questions to help you outline the problems that the design should address. From the logo to the business card and social media pages, everything is styled with care and consideration.