Client: Romed
Year: 2020
Service: packaging, logo

Romed is a brand which is producing Armenian traditional sweets called sujukh. It was crucial to emphasize the product's natural origin, organicity, healthiness, and safety while also creating a distinctive aesthetic look and feel that met European requirements when developing the packaging and logo. As the design work coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, the package had to be well-sealed and secure, giving the buyer a sense of security. To underline the walnut's widespread use as a primary ingredient, we used it as the main character in the design. The walnut was painted using a pencil and watercolor to emphasize the product's organic nature and caring attitude. The brand's logo was created by transliterating the word and writing it with a marker, which gives the graphic a roughness and lightness at the same time. Thus, Romed’s packaging and logo are giving a sense of caring attitude, utility and love.